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Commissioning your own artwork is a unique process and our communication at the beginning is important. My style and depiction of subjects is very much an extension of myself. Being able to hear your ideas and discuss creative options with you is critical to a successful piece of art.

Cost:  Prices vary depending on the medium, size, levels of detail and overall complexity of the work. It is often best to start with your most grand vision, and we’ll go from there. There’s usually some way to include everything within your price range.

Content:  Subjects and themes for commissioned pieces are almost limitless. Each piece of art I make is a personal experience and reflects myself.
Therefore, some ideas may not be a good fit for me, my interests or beliefs. I reserve the right to decline a commission work for any reason.
As you can see, I am not restricted to simply pop-culture character or icon art. Items of your own creation, even your children’s drawings, can be brought to life. Capturing the likenesses of your pets or loved ones in a painted portrait or figurine is well within my capabilities. 

Repeat Works:  I pride myself on the one-of-a-kindness of my artwork. Currently, I do not mass produce, nor do I reproduce commissioned pieces. I do NOT remake duplicate sculpts. I can reimagine an idea or concept, but an exact or near identical replica is not available.
Finally, do not be afraid to ask. I have taken on numerous crazy ideas for paintings and sculptures. People often have inside jokes or certain things that speak to them in certain ways that others may not understand.  I can make the things you find yourself saying, “I wish they made something like this.”


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