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Pet Portraits

Immortalize your pet in the form of a painted portrait
or figurine sculpture. 

I can do a variety of styles from realistic to caricature, or a little mix of both!  My goal is to capture your pet’s unique persona and attitude.

Subject: If you have a favorite photo of your pet, high-quality with good lighting and a pose that captures the personality of the animal, that would be great. However, any clear photos will work. Choose ones that you’d think should be represented in the final piece. For sculptures, which are three dimensional, I will need additional photos that show the front, sides and back of your pet, and that show any specific markings or patterns. Remember, if I can’t see it, I can’t sculpt it accurately. (I can’t assume your pet has a really long tail.)

Size and Orientation:  We'll determine how large and whether the piece is vertical, horizontal, or square, etc.  My sculpts range from 2” tall to approximately 12” tall.  While most sculpted pieces can be free-standing, I can also add a decorative wooden base.

Please note: Polymer clay is fragile and can break if dropped or mishandled. Minor breaks can be repaired with common gel-type super glue. I do not repair damaged items; a broken item may need to be remade or replaced if serious damage occurs.

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